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Istanbul has a special beauty and history of the city and a place with its own. My husband and I participated in the daily private tour in Istanbul. a very nice tour organization Historic peninsula of Istanbul called Sultanahmet stayed in a special class hotel. After a brief information about the tour our guide at the hotel. Hipodrome'da began our tour. The first known civilization moved to Istanbul byzans a lot of elderly people here, they came by ship from Greece to an interior of the first peoples of this place and golden horn This is where it's naturally sheltered harbor and a world that is spread over two kıtıya with a single city. And this has been the period of the eastern Roman Hippodrome in Istanbul play airport transfers all sorts of games and entertainment, and the horse and buggy races held here has been here and even brought two berry obelist egypt'ten 50,000 theater show performed. Finally, the Hippodrome the German emperor, this fountain was built by the German psmanlı sultan as the fountain of the fountain as a gift There are known these days Haqia sophia Byzantine church built during the reign of the most beautiful and the largest church in the world. Istanbul is also the best place haqia Visitors Sophia. 1453 sophia in istanbul haqia now used as a mosque after the year and then in the last 60 years as a museum. In a very special mosaics The most famous of these is available in the mosaic of Justinian and Constantine described in the lap of virgin Mary with Christ, with the walls of Istanbul Istanbul to discusses their gifts. Here is the temple of Artemus ephesus has all the columns. His biggest orthodox church of human beings.

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Bursa from Istanbul takes about 4 hours went very nice air-conditioned bus . Bursa is a city of culture and history of the city in the middle of the city and the Bursa Ulu had mossqu . During the Ottoman Empire carried out by the Seljuk architecture in Bursa 's largest and most beautiful mosque . Which is the city's landmark buildings and magnificent architecture . Bursa is the highest hill in the city of the great mosque of the city from every point seems . In the year 1400 , was built by Sultan Beyazit . very nice inside water fountains are made ​​of marble . very nice in the manuscript is decorated with calligraphy . Finally the 20 domes and minarets there are two . Bursa Bazaar had cocoon around the great mosque . goods sold here

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We got up early in the morning, and private airport transfer to our hotel with Istanbul istanbul airport there. Turkish airlines Ankara airport transfers and pleasant with a 1-hour plane ride was very nice made​​. Special cave stayed at the hotel. Cave hotel is very spacious room and a room with a natural ventilation system. We met our guide in the morning, and the first to cappadocia balloon tours of zelve went. Reached with a height of 200 meters from the ground, and a spectacular event. Ballon tour is a wonderful thing that much excitement. There were a large number of sky ballon. Here amazing views of Cappadocia. All in all we were celebrating with champagne after balloon tour. Started, and we went to Hisar Onu Cappadocia tours. In front of the village is a classic turkish fortress. Here you have made a fabulous breakfast in the morning, completely organic and made ​​by the villagers ate eggs, olives and cheese, honey, jam, clotted cream. Goreme open air museum, and went to the cave and the fairy chimneys consist of a large number of place. People who lived here and made ​​here in religious worship. Christianity spread to Europe from here. Are stored in the church prophet and virgin mary jesus very nice decorated with very nice pictures. Stream flows in the middle of the Ihlara valley. spectacular cave is a natural wonder and people lived here. Pigeon valley and wonderful performances followed the flights of birds in the pigeon. Uc Hisar and from the highest peak in the Cappadocia has a lovely view of Cappadocia. Askelerinden and to avoid harsh winter conditions in Rome 5-7 storey lived in underground cities. Finally, and this is an amazing hand went avanos the place of the arts. Very nice tiles, mosaic tiles and souvenirs are sold.

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A 4 hour journey we reached the contours istanbul. We reached our hotel in the Sultanahmet district with private airport transfer. The room had a very large and special class hotel. Our hotel is located in an historic mansion has been restored and is small and very charming hotel with 11 rooms. A simple breakfast in the morning as I drank coffee for that regime. Then we went to Hippodrome to meet up with our guide. Enable-Detailed information about Istanbul Hippodrome gave in and made ​​the istanbul airport transfers first period of the Roman Empire, and here are two obelisks. Here are many horse races, gladiator fights and drama competition are exhibited here. Finally, as a gift to the German emperor German Fountain, built by the Ottoman sultan. Ibrahim Pasha, the vizier of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent mansion, which has a Turkish Islam and this serves as a museum. Hagia Sophia, which was built by Emperor Justinian in the East are. Hagia Sophia was built in 531 in five years is a very short period of time. serves as the first orthodox church. Conquest of Istanbul by Sultan Mehmet in 1453 and he added four minarets. Istanbul Sultan Mehmet the period of reconstruction and renovation was very large. Hagia Sophia was used as a mosque, and the last 50 years as a museum. Blue mosque in the name of the sultan ahmet 8 years and was built by the architect Mehmet Efendi Sedefkar. 6 minarets, 16 balconies inside a magnificent work of art is a very beautiful blue colored tiles. There are four major column on the dome. Istanbul's most beautiful buildings. This is the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire, Topkapi palace. There are a very large garden with many different and decorated with various flowers. Located right next to the Hagia Sophia and a palace dating back to the beach. Has rooms are available, and this is the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire. There, and here are invaluable treasury of gold and silver diamonds, rubies, emerald, and the sultan items on display. Enderun is a very smart kids read in school for this Topkapi palace, the oldest building in Baghdad and has a pavilion. Finally, this is an episode of the top-secret Ottoman Harem Sultan's family and women's lives. Topkapi palce two storey buildings formed the classical Ottoman architecture. Grand Bazaar, built during the reign of the sultan mehmet beyazıt in the square is very large and has lots of shops. This is a very authentic and has the feel of an oriental formed in the single-storey shops. jewelers a large number of men and women selling jewelry, hand-woven silk and wool rugs with a wide variety of designs and colors of the model include leather clothing. The place is very nice turkish delight sweets Spicebazaar the apple tea, herbal teas, coffees, spices, nuts, and a wide variety of souvenirs are sold here.

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